Wait, I need to know

  • Whats is the Duck Skull?

    Duck Skull Token is a Whitelist Token used for DWA WL mint. You can mint at a discounted price and have access to pre-sale. You can mint 1 DWA per Duck Skull.

  • Mint Price?

    Mint price is 1.4 SOL. If you have the Duck Skulls you can get it for 1.2 SOL.

  • Where can I buy D.W.A NFTs??

    you can mint on https://mint.duckzwitattitudes.com. Connect your Solana wallet and click the mint button. For whitelist mint you need to connect a wallet with a Duck Skull.

  • How do I make a D.W.A album?

    Any D.W.A holder can participate in album production. You can use your NFT for album cover. We will provide the budget needed to produce the album. You can take the album profits and some of them will be distributed to the DAO Fund.