Duckz Wit Attitude is 5,000 Collection of Duckz living on the Solana Blockchain. Over 100 hand drawn traits to make every Duck unique in its own way.
The art depicts early 90’s hiphop / gang era with a modern day twist. The collection centers around 5 main characters that are leaders of the gang. Forcing a rebellion against the hierarchy and broke away from a gang syndicate on the quest to rule ‘The Pond’. Duckz Wit Attitudes - merging art, music and crypto into a one of a kind collection.


  • 100+


    Over 100 hand drawn traits to make every Duck unique in its own way.

  • 16


    A total of 16 layers were used. After the images were generated, they were merged into 8 attributes in metadata.

  • 5,000


    A total of 5k Ducks are in the collection. They are all unique and there are also rare ducks.


This is the overall plan. If you want to know more about each step, Join our Discord!

  • Jul Build

    - Team building

    - Art development

    - Smart contract development

    - Website launch

    - Duck Skull (Whitelist) token launch.

    - Presale 1 mint window opens

    - Youtube channel

    - Video production

  • Aug Expand

    - Presale 1 Mint window ends

    - revamped marketing

    - Community building.

    - Presale 2 mint window opens

  • Sep Public

    - Presale 2 mint window ends.

    - Public mint

    - DAO implementation

    - community reward system (raffles, giveaways and airdrops)

    - Staking contract development and deployment.

    - First album released

  • - Roadmap 2.0

    - Roadmap 2.0

    - $Bread token launch

    - Music Album

    - merchandise

  • - Revenue share

    Here’s how revenue from mint will be distributed for the project.

    40% - Fundamentals

    20% - Administration

    20% - Ambassadors/Partners

    20% - Team